Physical Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Quality,
and Modeling
| Physical Oceanographic and Water Quality Capabilities

Physical Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Quality,
and Modeling

[Back to top of the page] Solutions to applied problems in coastal and estuarine areas often require physical oceanographic and water quality data central for design or compliance issues, or to help quantify environmental impacts associated with a project. Kinnetic Laboratories provides specialized physical oceanographic and water quality services ranging from theoretical calculations and computer modeling to extensive field investigations.

For example, dilution and transport parameters are important to coastal outfall discharges. Kinnetic Laboratories has carried out many such physical oceanographic and meteorological studies, often integrated with other water quality and marine biological work. These studies have involved extensive field work such as moored instrumentation or transect studies from our work vessels, as well as complementary physical data evaluations and use of mathematical models to provide design or impact interpretations required.

Example projects have included large offshore continental shelf mooring programs carried out for the Minerals Management Service, Arctic coastal physical oceanographic and meteorological studies for the oil industry, and moored instrumentation and discharge modeling for wastewater dischargers in San Francisco Bay. A large number of coastal NPDES discharge studies have been successfully completed for both design as well as compliance purposes. In addition, ocean intake water studies for power plant cooling water intake or for desalination plant intake projects have also been successfully completed. These projects have been done for municipalities but also for industry, including projects on Alaska’s North Slope, in Cook Inlet, and on the California offshore areas associated with oil production platforms or facilities. Special expertise and experience is included for instrumentation and moorings placed in ice covered waters of Alaska.

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Physical Oceanographic and Water Quality Capabilities
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  • Time Series Correlations, Spectral Analyses, and Sophisticated Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Computer-Aided Design and Custom Fabrication of Instrumentation Moorings
  • Collection of Engineering Design Criteria for Harbors, Marinas, Outfalls, Intakes, and Other Coastal and Marine Structures
  • Use of Satellite Imagery to Aid in Analysis of Coastal Plumes, Sea Surface Temperatures, and Gyre Data
  • Operation of Small Remote Aircraft for Aerial Photography, such as for Dye Tracer Studies
  • Measurements of Oceanographic and Water Quality Parameters to Answer Applied and Theoretical Problems
  • Development of Site-Specific Water Quality Criteria for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems Permitting Efforts
  • Measurements of Wave, Storm Surge, Current, and Wind Factors for Determining Forces on Coastal and Marine Structures
  • Littoral Transport and Suspended Sediment Determinations Utilizing Optical Backscatterance (OBS), Sediment Traps, and Doppler Profiling Meters

Kinnetic Laboratories owns state-of-the-art field instrumentation including current meters, tide and wave gauges, fluorometers, CTDs, GPS positioning systems, water samplers, and telemetry equipment. This allows immediate mobilization for a variety of scientific projects. We also maintain logistical capabilities including ownership of boats and survey vessels to facilitate field data programs.

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