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Contaminated Sediments and Dredge Studies  
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Kinnetic Laboratories has successfully completed hundreds of projects involving contaminated sediments and/or dredge material sampling, testing, and data evaluations. These projects have involved offshore and in-harbor open water disposal, bury and cap solutions, terminal fill, and upland disposal projects. We use protocols that satisfy requirements of USEPA/USACE and local dredge materials guidance documents.

We also routinely serve as part of client or consultant project design teams that plan and execute extensive dredging and reuse/disposal of the resulting dredge materials. We prepare formal Contaminated Sediment Management Plans to facilitate project sediment balances for large, complex dredge projects to optimize reuse of dredge material as port or upland fill material.

Sediment quality studies have been successfully completed in rivers, lakes, estuaries, basins, and coastal environments. The studies are often associated with habitat assessments, watershed or point source discharges, contaminant load analyses (TMDLs), and compliance or permitting purposes.

Channel Island Harbor Truck

LA Harbor Aerial

Port of Los Angeles

SFO Barge Coring

Contaminated Sediment Projects

  • San Francisco Airport Runway Expansion
  • Port of Los Angeles Channel Deepening
  • Port of Los Angeles Southwest Container Terminal
  • Bolsa Chica Wetland Restoration Project
  • Port of Los Angeles Pier 400 Project
  • Port of Los Angeles Outer Harbor Sediment Characterization
  • Port of Los Angeles Harbor-Wide Maintenance
  • Long Beach Naval Station
  • Queensway Bay Urban Waterfront Development, City of Long Beach
  • Navy CLEAN Projects – San Francisco Bay, San Diego, and Long Beach
  • Ecological Assessment of Alameda Naval Air Station
  • Port of Los Angeles Consolidated Slip/Dominguez Channel
  • Casmalia Waste Ponds Remediation Site
  • Exxon Valdez Environmental Investigations
  • Guadalupe River Watershed Mercury TMDL Project
  • San Francisco Bay Urban Sources of Mercury, PCBs, and Organochlorine Pesticides
  • Caltrans Warehouse Asphalt Investigation
  • Multi-Year IDIQ Contracts for Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, and San Francisco District Corps of Engineers
  • Rodeo Marina, San Francisco Bay
  • Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program
  • Salinas Reclamation Ditch
  • Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta Dredging Projects
    • Sacramento/San Joaquin River Deep Water Ship Channels
    • Middle River
    • Old River
    • Sacramento Marina
    • Driftwood Marina
    • Discovery Bay
    • Suisun City Marina
    • Martinez Marina
    • Patterson Reservoir
    • Grantline Canal
    • Bethany Reservoir

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Kinnetic Laboratories offers vibracoring, gravity coring, rotary coring, bottom grabs, and box coring for environmental and geotechnical analyses from rivers, wetlands, lakes and ponds, ports and harbors, near shore, and open ocean water sites. Kinnetic Laboratories services are built on over 30 years of sediment coring experience and over twenty years with advanced vibracores.

Our equipment is compact and mobile, suitable for mobilization to distant project locations for use on Kinnetic Laboratories vessels or with other logistical support. Logistical support such as modular barges, tracked vehicles, and research vessels are also available from Kinnetic Laboratories.

Bethany forebay barge

Kinnetic Laboratories vibracores are modern, custom designed, light weight, electrically powered corers suitable for deployment from small boats, barges, larger vessels, or from land vehicles. Typically fitted with 4-inch diameter core barrels, this equipment obtains continuous cores from 1 foot to 30 feet or more in water saturated sediments. Core barrels can be lined with either hard or soft core liners, or can be deployed unlined with aluminum or stainless core barrels.

Contamination free sampling is required for environmental studies. Protocols for decontamination, core logging and processing, sub-sampling, handling and packaging of samples are used to obtain samples where reporting limits for constituents of concern are in the parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb), or lower.


shanarae overhead core

Pajaro River
Other Sediment Sampling  
[Back to top of the page Kinnetic Laboratories provides surficial sediment grab sampling for various contaminated sediment studies such as those in storm drain systems, streams, and drainage ditches. A successful special source study in San Francisco Bay was completed to assist the Regional Board in the development of required TMDLs with respect to mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and organochlorine pesticides. Sampling sites were representative of industrial, residential/commercial, mixed, and open land use. This study led to site specific case studies to assist local agencies in the determination of PCB contamination sources. Other studies have included the collection of deposited stream sediments for both contaminant and toxicity assessments such as the Guadalupe River Watershed Mercury TMDL Project. Sampling for hazardous spill assessments have been performed for sites as various as agricultural drainage ditches to contaminated asphalt parking lots.  

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