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Watershed/Stormwater Services  

Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc. has a long and extensive project record on watershed and stormwater monitoring, Best Management Practices (BMP's), and receiving water projects.

Kinnetic Laboratories designed and successfully carried out the first major urban watershed stormwater projects in California: the Santa Clara Valley program that predated the 1991 regulations, and the Alameda County program. These programs both won EPA awards of excellence and served as models for the Federal stormwater regulations and most of the subsequent large urban projects in California. Since then, Kinnetic Laboratories has conducted over 20 major stormwater monitoring projects encompassing both urban and rural/agricultural areas


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Monitoring Studies

  • Watershed Monitoring
  • Urban Stormwater Monitoring Programs
  • TMDL Studies
  • Best Management Practices Effectiveness Studies
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Wet and Dry Weather Discharge Monitoring

stormwater runoff by rail road

Telemetry Network Applications

  • Telemetry Controlled Monitoring Equipment
  • Flow-Composited Stormwater Sampling
  • Contaminant Loading to Receiving Waters
  • TMDL Studies (Total Maximum Daily Load)
  • Structural BMP Evaluations
  • Chemical and Biological Receiving Water Effects
  • Sampling for Toxicity Tests
  • Watershed Study Designs and Monitoring
  • Low-Level, Bioaccumulative Compound Loads
  • Turn Key Stormwater Monitoring and Reporting Projects
  • Municipal Separate (MS4) and Combined (CSO) Systems
Stormwater Monitoring  

Over the years, Kinnetic Laboratories provided important innovations and approaches to overall watershed and stormwater sampling. These innovations include the early use of automated sampling equipment, the development of telemetered controlled stormwater stations, bioassay testing, receiving water studies coupled with contaminant input measurements, and low level organic contaminant measurement methods. In addition to documenting water quality, our methods have allowed precise measurements of contaminant loads to receiving waters important to Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) regulatory requirements.

Kinnetic Laboratories has monitored over 2,500 storm events. We have established and implemented monitoring programs in California with: the City of Long Beach, Sacramento City and County, San Diego City and County, Oxnard/Ventura, Stockton, Monterey Bay Region, Santa Clara, Alameda County, and San Mateo County. These studies have encompassed both stormwater and receiving water monitoring such as those carried out in Alamitos Bay for the City of Long Beach. Another such study is the CCLEAN (Central Coast Longterm Environmental Assessment Network) project. Here we monitor low level bioaccumulative compounds using automated samplers at the rivers and wastewater discharges, as well as a custom designed system to monitor the offshore receiving waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Pajaro River Aerial Clean




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Stormwater Monitoring Projects

  • City of Long Beach
  • Sacramento City/County
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Alameda County
  • City and County of San Diego
  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • SeaTac International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Caltrans Structural BMPs
  • Caltrans Maintenance Yards
  • Oxnard/Ventura County
  • City of Scottsdale
  • City of Tulsa
  • City of Stockton
  • Caltrans State-wide Bio and Sand Filters
  • San Mateo County BMPs
  • County of Santa Cruz
  • Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
  • Monterey Bay Area Monitoring Program
  • City of Laredo
  • City of Corpus Christi
  • Caltrans Erosion Control Sites
  • City of Waco
  • Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
  • Naval Air Station Alameda
  • Naval Station Treasure Island
  • State of Hawaii Department of Public Health
  • Naval Station San Diego
  • Calleguas Creek Watershed TMDL Monitoring

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Best Management Practices (BMPS)  

Over 50 characterizations and structural BMP evaluations have been carried out statewide for clients like Caltrans. Major BMP evaluations have been successfully carried out for a diverse range of clients including Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Port of Los Angeles, San Diego County, Long Beach, Santa Cruz County, and Maui. BMP evaluations have been performed with detention basins, wet basins, infiltration basins, drop inlet filters, centrifugal, sand filters, and porous pavement installations.



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